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The Best Luxury Watches From Baselworld 2018

If you’re familiar with the luxury watch industry, you already know that Baselworld is an action-packed week for horology enthusiasts worldwide. This event gathers almost the entire watch industry in Basel, Switzerland to unveil new releases from popular brands …

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Chuck Yaeger: Living Legend & Rolex Enthusiast

Between flying 64 combat missions in WWII, breaking the sound barrier in the Bell X-1, commanding the Air Force Aerospace Research Pilots School, and receiving many high honors for his service, it’s obvious why Chuck Yeager is such an icon in the aviation industry. Like many …

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Sell My Pre-Owned Watch Near Me Mesh

How Much Is My Rolex Worth?

Whether you are trying to sell your Rolex watch or buying a new or pre-owned Rolex, the first question that will come to mind is “How much is my Rolex worth?” When you want to part with a Rolex watch you have to be sure that the trade or cash you get is fair and realistic. Of course, this …

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Lift Off: A Short History Of Watches In Space

Space flight is easily the most demanding test a watch can experience. The honor of being designated a “space watch” is one that we do not take lightly. On the trip to and from space, the watch is subjected to intense pressures and temperatures. During the rocket’s liftoff and …

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The Critical Role Of Gold In Watchmaking

Gold has always played a very critical role in watchmaking history. From the 13th century onwards, gold was used in the tower clocks of churches, monasteries and castles throughout Europe, with gold leaf coating the numerals and hands. Commissioned by the …

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Do Rolex Watches Hold Their Value?

As they say in the business, most watches are like new cars and depreciate the minute you strap them on your wrist. But is this the case with every watch brand? Thankfully, no. Ask if Rolex watches can hold their value or even appreciate down the line and the answer is …

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