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The History Of Hamilton Watches

Founded in Lancaster, PA in 1892, the Hamilton Watch Company has been producing quality timepieces for well over a century. Over the years, the company’s craftsmanship has never wavered, and…

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Longines Precision Watches in Willow Grove PA

The History of Longines Watches

The History of Longines Watches Though it holds an impressive record leading the way in Swiss watchmaking, Longines is often overlooked as one of the country’s top watch manufactures. Today,…

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The History of Tag Heuer’s

Back in 1963, Jack Heuer created the Carrera Tag Heuer watch as a tribute to the famous Carrera Panamericana auto race. The Carrera Panamericana auto race is considered by world-class…

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Horology 101: What is a Tourbillon?

You’ve probably spotted them on countless high-end watches, those diminutive cages spinning gracefully on the dial, referred to as tourbillons. Like a miniature whirling dervish on your wrist, the tourbillon…

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