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    Precision Watches is committed to delivering outstanding customer service and offering top-of-the-market values for your pre-owned luxury watches, including Rolex and other prestigious brands. As a trusted and leading online marketplace for selling watches, we provide prompt payments through same-day wire transfers and stand firmly by our guaranteed offers. Experience the ease and confidence of selling your pre-owned watch with Precision Watches, where you’ll receive the best value for your timepiece.

    How It Works - 3 Simple Steps

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    Simply fill out the form up top. Please provide us with the Brand, Model number of your watch. One of our professional representatives will respond to you right away.

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    One of our representatives will ask you for a few pictures of your watch along with any documentation you may have. Once received, we’ll provide you with a quote for your new or pre-owned watch, the same day.

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    Once you accept our offer, we will provide you with a pre-paid insured shipping label. We usually receive the watch the next day and as long as the watch is as described, we will send you a payment the same day. We offer payment using Paypal, a Bank Transfer or check. Whatever you prefer. That easy!

    Our Client Reviews

    5 stars

    Amazing customer service. I had approached Pierre with my Grand Seiko with an inquiry on an issue it was having with it’s band retention. He not only fixed the issue, but did so for free even though the watch was not purchased from them. All staff were professional and courteous!

    kevin joby
    5 stars

    I was very impressed by the knowledge, transparency and all around demeanor of Sergey at Precision. Will definitely return and make sure he’s the salesperson that helps me again. Thanks again.

    Galaxy 8plus
    5 stars

    Had an amazing experience with Precision Watches! I purchased my first luxury watch from here and David was constantly helping me and keeping me up to date on any new items. He was very quick to respond and always gave me full, meaningful…

    Evan Sing
    5 stars

    I had such a great experience in the purchase of my new luxury watch. Roman went above and beyond to make sure my purchase went as smoothly as possible…

    Victoria Kaminsky
    5 stars

    I’ve been a loyal client with Precision Watches & Jewelry for over 15 years now, and they’ve always impressed me on their superb service, honest staff, and amazing deals. Roman and his magnificent team are truly incredible people, and…

    Max Sirotovsky
    5 stars

    What a great experience this was. The staff was very kind and knowledgeable. Amazing Selection, and most important- the PRICE! The deal we got here, no one else could beat…

    Allie Vayner
    5 stars

    What can I say I am in love with my new ROLEX! Bob and Ernie treated me like family and gave me the absolute best price on my trade in…

    Christopher Shevlin
    5 stars

    Had a great experience going to Precision! Ernie was a huge help with picking out the perfect watch for my fiance. He loves it…

    Brianna Greer
    5 stars

    The staff was very professional and helpful. Pierre gave us an amazing experience in assisting my boyfriend with repairing his watch strap and explaining what was wrong and what he did to fix it…

    5 stars

    I am a watch collector, and for some reason I had not checked out this place before. They have a great selection in a range of brands of serious mechanical watches…

    Mark Gisi
    5 stars

    Very happy with Sergey and his team! I have an omega speedmaster (second hand) and for some reason wasn’t running and the buttons were stuck…

    David Louvet
    5 stars

    Highly recommend Precision. I worked with David and he made my purchase seemless. Overnight shipping was a real plus…

    Scott Freeman
    5 stars

    I came from King Of Prussia just for Precision Watch and could not have had a better experience. Above and beyond! Thank you!

    Homa S. Tavangar
    5 stars

    Nothing but the best experience. Would certainly do business with again!

    Pat Miller

    Thousands Of Watches Purchased
    From Customers Around The World

    • Fastest Payout Online!

      Receive a wire transfer the same day we receive your watch!

    • Risk-Free Transactions

      Our offer is guaranteed or we gladly ship your watch back to you, at no cost to you.

    • Nationwide Service

      Located in Pennsylvania, we buy watches from all over the world and fully secured shipping and transaction.

    • Top-tier Watch Buyers

      We’re one of the biggest watch buyers online, ensuring you get the best deal for your luxury timepiece. Google our reviews!


    All of Our Watches Are 100% Authentic and Certified By Our In-House Swiss Trained Watchmakers


    Brick and Mortar Store For Over 30 Years


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    How Do I Sell My Pre-Owned Luxury Watch?

    Selling your luxury Rolex watch with Precision Watches is simple, secure, and efficient. To get started, follow these steps:

    1. Please fill out the online form on our website, providing details about your watch, including brand, model, and condition.

    2. Attach clear, high-quality photos of your timepiece to give us a better understanding of its condition and value.

    3. Within 24 hours or less, our team of experts will evaluate your watch and provide you with a top market value offer.

    4. If you accept our offer, we’ll send you a pre-paid, fully insured shipping label so you can safely ship your watch to us.

    5. Once we receive your watch, our skilled watchmakers will examine it and confirm the final offer amount.

    6. After the final offer is agreed upon, you’ll receive payment the same day through wire transfer or check, as per your preference.

    Choose Precision Watches for our exceptional customer service, commitment to providing the highest value for pre-owned luxury watches, and transparent, hassle-free process.

    Which Luxury Watch Brands Do You Buy?

    At Precision Watches, we specialize in purchasing a wide range of luxury watch brands, particularly those renowned for their Swiss craftsmanship and exceptional quality. Some of the top Swiss high-end luxury watch brands that we buy include:

    1. Rolex

    2. Audemars Piguet

    3. Patek Philippe

    4. Omega

    5. Breitling

    6. IWC Schaffhausen

    7. Jaeger-LeCoultre

    8. TAG Heuer

    9. Hublot

    10. Vacheron Constantin

    11. Panerai

    12. Zenith

    13. Breguet

    14. Blancpain

    15. A. Lange & Söhne

    If you’re looking to sell a luxury watch from any of these brands or other high-end manufacturers, trust Precision Watches for a seamless and transparent process, ensuring you receive top market value for your timepiece.

    How Long Does The Selling Process Take?

    At Precision Watches, we prioritize efficiency and transparency in our selling process to ensure a smooth customer experience. Typically, the process of selling your luxury watch involves the following steps:

    1. Submit your watch information and photos through our online form.

    2. Receive a top market value offer from us within 24 hours or less.

    3. If you accept the offer, we’ll provide a pre-paid, fully insured shipping label.

    4. Carefully package your watch and send it to us using the provided shipping label.

    5. Once we receive and inspect your watch, which usually takes 1-2 business days, we’ll finalize the offer amount.

    6. Receive your payment the same day via wire transfer or check, based on your preference.

    The entire process, from submitting your watch information to receiving payment, can take as little as a few days, depending on shipping and inspection times. We strive to make selling your luxury watch as quick and hassle-free as possible.

    How Do You Ensure The Safety Of My Watch During The Shipping Process?

    At Precision Watches, we prioritize the safety and security of your luxury watch during shipping. To guarantee the protection of your timepiece, we follow these essential steps:

    1. We provide a pre-paid, fully insured overnight shipping label from a reputable carrier, ensuring your watch arrives at our facility the next day and is covered against loss, theft, or damage during the transit for up to $100,000.

    2. Our shipping labels include tracking information, allowing you to monitor the journey of your watch and stay informed about its progress.

    3. We recommend that you securely package your watch in a sturdy box, using sufficient padding to prevent any damage from impacts while in transit.

    4. Once your watch arrives at our facility, our team of experts will meticulously inspect it to verify its condition and ensure it matches your provided information.

    By adhering to these precautions, Precision Watches ensures the safety of your luxury watch throughout the shipping process, giving you peace of mind and confidence in our secure and efficient service.

    How Quickly Will I Receive Payment For My Pre-Owned Watch?

    At Precision Watches, we understand the importance of a prompt and efficient payment process when selling your pre-owned luxury watch. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and speedy service ensures you receive payment quickly. Once our team of experts has thoroughly inspected and verified the authenticity and condition of your watch, we initiate the payment process without delay.

    Typically, you can expect your payment within the same day of our evaluation, depending on when your watch is received and assessed. We offer multiple payment methods, including wire transfers and checks, to accommodate your preferences and expedite the process. By choosing Precision Watches, you can trust that you’ll receive a fair and competitive offer for your timepiece and a swift and seamless payment experience.

    Can I Also Trade In My Pre-Owned Watch For Another Timepiece?

    Absolutely! Precision Watches offers a seamless and convenient trade-in process for your pre-owned luxury watch, allowing you to upgrade or diversify your collection. Our vast selection of high-quality timepieces ensures you’ll find the perfect watch to suit your taste and style.

    To initiate the trade-in process, follow the same steps as selling your pre-owned watch. Our team of experts will evaluate your timepiece and provide a fair market value. Once the value is determined, you can browse our extensive inventory and select the watch you want. The credit from your trade-in can be applied directly towards purchasing your new timepiece, making the process smooth and hassle-free.

    Trading in your pre-owned watch with Precision Watches gives you access to a wide range of exceptional timepieces and guarantees a professional, trustworthy, and satisfying experience.

    Why Should You Choose Precision Watches?

    Choosing Precision Watches to sell your pre-owned luxury watch is rooted in our company’s longstanding reputation for excellence, trust, and customer satisfaction. With over 30 years in the industry, our family-owned business has built a solid foundation of expertise and integrity, as evidenced by the thousands of positive reviews from our valued clients.

    At Precision Watches, our experienced professionals are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service throughout the entire selling process. We prioritize transparency and open communication, ensuring you receive a fair and competitive offer for your timepiece based on its condition and market value.

    Our commitment to the highest standards of quality and authenticity means you can trust us to handle your watch with care and respect. With our quick and secure payment process, including same-day wire transfers, you can be confident that you’ll receive the best value for your luxury watch without any hidden fees or surprises.

    In choosing Precision Watches, you’re not only working with industry experts, but you’re also partnering with a company that truly values your trust and satisfaction.

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