TUDOR Royal M28600-0011


TUDOR Royal M28600-0011


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    TUDOR Royal M28600-0011
    Sale Price $3,325
    TUDOR Royal M28600-0011
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    • Sku


    • Brand


    • Model Name

      TUDOR Royal

    • Collection

      TUDOR Royal

    • Reference Number


    • Manufacturer Ref #


    • Case

      41mm steel case with polished and satin finish

    • Dial

      Salmon with 8 diamonds

    • movement

      Self-winding mechanical movement, Calibre T603

    • Crystal

      Sapphire crystal

    • Bezel

      Notched bezel in 316L steel, alternating cut grooves and polished finish

    • Water Resistance

      Waterproof to 100m (330 ft)

    • Band

      Integrated bracelet in 316L steel, 5 rows, satin-brushed external and central links, polished intermediate links, with folding clasp and safety catch

    • Warranty

      Full Factory Warranty

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    Watch Description

    Introducing the TUDOR Royal M28600-0011, a 41mm steel masterpiece within the distinguished TUDOR Royal collection. With a polished and satin-finished case, a captivating salmon dial adorned with 8 diamonds, and propelled by the precision of Calibre T603, this watch is a harmonious blend of timeless design and contemporary luxury. The TUDOR Royal M28600-0011 exemplifies the brand’s commitment to exquisite craftsmanship.

    Meticulous Craftsmanship

    Encased in a 41mm steel case, meticulously polished and satin-finished, this watch radiates timeless elegance. The thoughtfully chosen size ensures a perfect balance between presence and subtlety, making it a versatile companion for every occasion. The salmon dial, adorned with 8 diamonds, transforms this timepiece into a work of art. Each diamond is meticulously placed, adding a touch of opulence and capturing the essence of luxury with every glance. The notched bezel, crafted in 316L steel, features alternating cut grooves and a polished finish. This unique design element adds a layer of refinement, creating visual interest and elevating the overall aesthetic.

    Precision in Every Beat

    At the heart of this horological marvel lies the self-winding mechanical movement, Calibre T603. Renowned for its precision and reliability, this movement not only keeps accurate time but also reflects TUDOR’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of watchmaking excellence.

    Crystal: Sapphire Clarity

    Guarded by a sapphire crystal, known for its durability and scratch-resistant properties, the dial remains pristine, offering a clear view of the intricate details within. This crystal not only protects but enhances the visual appeal of the watch.

    Unrivaled Versatility: Water Resistance and Integrated Bracelet

    Water Resistance: Dive into Confidence

    With a waterproof rating of 100 meters (330 feet), the TUDOR Royal M28600-0011 invites you to embrace life’s adventures without hesitation. Whether in the boardroom or underwater, this watch is your steadfast companion.

    Bracelet: Steel Harmony with 5 Rows

    The integrated bracelet, a masterpiece in 316L steel, features 5 rows of satin-brushed external and central links. Polished intermediate links add a touch of sophistication, while the folding clasp and safety catch ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

    Assurance of Quality: Full Factory Warranty

    Warranty: Your Mark of Confidence

    Rest easy with the knowledge that your TUDOR Royal M28600-0011 comes with a full factory warranty. This commitment to quality underscores TUDOR’s confidence in the longevity and reliability of their timepieces.

    In conclusion, the TUDOR Royal M28600-0011 is not just a watch; it’s a statement of enduring style and unparalleled craftsmanship. Elevate your wristwear to new heights with this extraordinary timepiece—a synthesis of heritage, innovation, and sheer luxury.

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