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OMEGA Watch Repair

Top Swiss Trained watchmakers on premises, providing watch repairs,
using 100% authentic, genuine watch parts for your timepiece.

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    Contact us via our online form, email, or phone to discuss your watch issue. In-store consultations are also available.

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    Ship your watch to us for an assessment, or drop it off at our store. We handle every timepiece with care and respect. With 80+ years of watchmaking history, your watch is in the right hands.

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    Upon examination by our expert watchmakers, we’ll provide a comprehensive, no-obligation quote for the necessary repairs.




    An Omega watch is a lifestyle choice as well as an essential timekeeper. Anyone who owns one of these iconic watches will not need persuading about the quality and craftsmanship of their classic timepiece.

    Preserving your watch in optimal condition and perfect working order is essential to maximize your enjoyment and protect your investment. Omega recommends routine maintenance every two years and a full service every five years.

    We are proud to offer skilled Omega watch repair at Precision Watches. Whether you need routine maintenance, fine-tuning, parts replacement, and more, we can help. Contact our store or fill out an online form to get services from the best hands in the business and protect your lifetime investment.




    Omega watches offer quality craftsmanship and precision accuracy that puts them amongst the very best of the world’s timepieces. An Omega watch is both valued and valuable, a significant investment whether you intend to keep it forever or sell it at a later date.

    Routine care is essential to protect your investment and keep your timepiece in perfect working order. Maintenance and repair will allow you to enjoy the very best of your Omega and also make it attractive to any purchaser should you choose to sell it.

    Precision Watches offer a range of maintenance, repair, and restoration services that provide total and complete care for your Omega. Our dedicated Omega repair specialists can evaluate your timepiece and service it according to Omega’s recommendations.


    Why Choose Precision Watches
    for Omega Repair?


    Our services include:

    • Routine watch maintenance

    • A thorough watch overhaul

    • Restoration for vintage and pre-owned watches

    Regular servicing can replace worn parts before they become a problem, minimizing repairs and associated costs. It preserves the accuracy of the movement and keeps your Omega running smoothly and on time.

    We have a specific repair service for watches with problems outside of routine maintenance, providing reassurance that there are no hidden defects inside the timepiece. That way, you can ensure your Omega not only always looks its very best but remains in perfect working order.

    We can also share Omega’s best practices that cover daily life with your Omega and will help protect your watch.


    The Repair Process
    at Precision Watches


    Omega recommends routine maintenance for your watch every two years. With our Omega watch repair service, you can take good care of your timepiece, spot early problems, and minimize repairs later.

    1. Dismantling the Movement

    Whether service or repair, the watch technician dismantles the movement inside your watch, replacing any damaged or worn elements with genuine parts from Omega.

    2. Cleaning the Movement

    Next, they clean all the parts in several ultrasonic chemical baths, gently removing oil, grease, and dirt.

    3. Cleaning the Case

    Repair specialists will take apart the case back, bezel, pushers, and crystal. Cleaning also includes removing the seals and gaskets and sanitizing all the pieces in ultrasonic tanks.

    4. Reassembling the Case

    When the case is clean and dry, the technician reassembles it with new seals and gaskets, all freshly lubricated with a unique grease.

    5. Refitting the Movement

    Eight different synthetic oils and greases lubricate the moving parts reassembled following Omega’s system with the last stage refitting the dials and hands.

    6. Resetting the Movement

    The repair technician will reset the cleaned movement with the hands and dial now mounted in the watch case, ensuring that no fine hairs or dust particles have crept in during reassembly.

    Checking the watch regulation on a timing machine verifies its precision accuracy.

    7. The Case Is Closed

    Once the case is closed, the last stage is testing the watch for water resistance and performing final power reserve and timekeeping checks.

    8. Battery Service

    Checking battery-powered Omegas involves using dedicated equipment to assess both the battery and electronic components.

    A unit appropriate to the Omega model replaces a worn battery where necessary.

    Testing the watch for water resistance is part of the final accuracy checks ensuring perfect precision performance.

    9. Repair after Damage

    Omega watch design is all about performance as the watch of choice for the world’s most famous secret agent testifies. Sometimes damage can be unavoidable.

    A trusted Omega workshop can repair damage to the case or movement and restore your watch to its original glory.

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    Servicing or repairing your precious Omega watch is a matter of trust.

    The technicians at Precision Watches guarantee quality maintenance and repair services that follow the watchmaker’s recommended guidance partnered with over three decades of experience in the watch trade.

    Whatever the vintage of your Omega watch, Precision Watches have the skill and experience to maintain, repair or restore it. We carry out appropriate interventions in line with Omega’s instructions and recommendations.

    Precision Watches take the utmost care with tried and trusted processes using genuine Omega parts, ensuring your timepiece not only looks its best but performs with all the precision and accuracy you would expect from this iconic brand.

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    5 stars

    The Team at Precision Watches were extremely helpful and were able to come through for me. I will buy all my future watches from them. They are the best in the business! Extremely knowledgeable. I will be a customer to this AD for life!

    Zachary Crane
    5 stars

    I had a great experience with Chase and Precision Watches. I was interested in selling a Rolex GMT that I had owned for many years. Chase was very responsive and offered me a fair price. The overall transaction went very smoothly and quickly.

    Yates McKenzie
    5 stars

    I’ve been a customer of Precision Watches for over 15 years. They always provide the best service and selection of watches. I finally got the call for a Rolex Pepsi GMT Master II and I couldn’t be more excited. I highly recommend staff at Precision Watches.

    Khaled Barqawi
    5 stars

    What a quick and easy transaction. I was able to receive an acceptable quote within a very short period of time. The offer was fair and completed within a matter of days. I would highly recommend Precision Watches and my contact Chase Leonard!

    Kathy Weigle
    5 stars

    I’m loving my new Stainless Steel Rolex Sea Dweller. Thanks to the team @ Precision Watches for their great customer service. Very happy with my new toy!

    You know what they say you can’t have a good time without a good watch!

    Valentin Melamed
    5 stars

    I had a great experience at Precision Watches in the Willow Grove Mall. I went to look for a watch for my husband and Ernie made it happen! He was able to get me his and her watches. He really works from the heart and was so helpful. I’m definitely going back to him for future purchases.

    Ziva Alon
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