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Luxury Watches

The History Of Longines Watches

The History of Longines Watches Though it holds an impressive record leading the way in Swiss watchmaking, Longines is often overlooked as one of the country’s top watch manufactures. Today, Longines watches can be seen on the wrists of the prominent, including …

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The History Of Breitling Watches

If Léon Breitling were alive today, he’d be proud to look at the signature of Breitling watches. He would be honored to see that the small workshop he founded over 125 years ago in Santa-Imier, Switzerland has become one of the greatest Swiss watch brands. And he’d also be pleased to see …

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The Run-Down: Our 5 Favorite GMT Watches

In terms of functionality, the GMT watch is genius in its simplicity. All GMT tracker watches require is a second hour hand that’s set to run half as fast as the primary hour hand; making a full rotation around the dial once ever 24 hours. This prevents jumping to any conclusions as to whether …

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Sell My Pre-Owned Watch Near Me Mesh

How Much Is My Rolex Worth?

Whether you are trying to sell your Rolex watch or buying a new or pre-owned Rolex, the first question that will come to mind is “How much is my Rolex worth?” When you want to part with a Rolex watch you have to be sure that the trade or cash you get is fair and realistic. Of course, this …

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Five Tips To Help Sell Your Watch

Luxury watches are expensive investments. When you decide to sell it, don’t forget that it does have real value. Online marketplaces and auction sites are great for selling old clothes and electronics, but selling a fine watch is not as simple as other products. You are just …

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